Savanna and Sarah


Savannah: (a.k.a. the Queen) This 6 year old mare is pepere’s beloved horse, bought in Curran from a young lady who could no longer attend to multiple animals. Her Arabian genes make her a nervous but elegant horse. Thankfully though, being part Canadian helps to calm her down. Savannah is the unquestionable queen of the stable. She regularly reminds us through a little shove here and there that she is the biggest animal in the barn and that she won’t be pushed around. She not only useful pulling buggies and sleighs, she makes a nice addition to photos.

Une belle jument de 6 ans, qui rend pepere bien heureux. Un animal fier qui aime les gateries, Savannah, bien que nerveuse et n’aimant pas etre separee de sa fidele amie Sarah se prete assez bien aux sessions de photos. Savannah tirant le ‘rubber tire’ est devenue une marque de commerce…


Sarah: This older pony bought from a neighbor has quickly become Savannah’s inseparable companion. She even appears to have forgotten that there was life before Savannah. As my niece aptly describes the new situation: “It is as if Sarah needs to ask the young but bigger horse permission for everything…” She is quite friendly and the perfect size for kids to saddle up during photo shoots. She looks as if she could be Savannah sibling or daughter though there is no genetic relation between the two.

Sarah a quelques pouces de trop pour etre consideree un cheval miniature. Elle fut achete strictement pour etre une compagne pour Savannah. Elle remplit bien ce role mais se prete aussi a d’autres taches. De temperament doux et de plus petite taille (je veux dire courte sur patte car elle est assez rondelette), elle impressionne les enfants.